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Rectification Works

10 Browning Street West End


Forza Capital


Project Management


SJ Higgins

Cladding rectification work to remove and replace combustible cladding recommended under Queensland Government legislation.

In 2018, the Queensland Government introduced legislation that requires all private building owners to review the type of cladding material used on their building and rectify to address any cladding fire risk and make their buildings safe.

Forza Capital took the initiative to replace combustible cladding to the building façade and lobbies at their property 10 Browning Street, West End. Sidecar provided specialist Project Management services and worked in collaboration with an experienced combustible cladding contractor to complete the works.

The project was completed whilst the building was occupied by tenants, including café, pub, 24/7 gym and commercial office space, all which remained in operation throughout. Works were completed during normal business hours due to the proximity of nearby residents and construction methodologies were altered to ensure pedestrian and occupant safety.

A building development approval was required for cladding rectification work along with referral to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

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